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Last Shabbat Before War?

Religious Israeli soldiers gather for Friday evening prayers inside a tent set up in a tank staging area along the border with the Gaza Strip in southern Israel, 16 November 2012. Israel has called up thousands of soldiers and has moved hundreds of military vehicles to the border with the Gaza Strip[...]

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Davey Jones’ Emails

An email from David: I hope that this letter finds you and the Mrs. well. I’m fine, settling in to the ship nicely, as this ship was built in Europe and not U.S. flagged orignaly, I’ve had to get used to the metric system once more, but that is no problem. I miss hanging out at [&hellip[...]

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President Romney Responds to Rocket Attacks on Jerusalem

President Romney has authorized drones to creeate a “Shield of God’s Rath” over Gaza after two rockets landed outside Jerusalem. The shield will patrol the skies of Gaza 24/7, assuring that no more rockets can be launched. It will also, prevent all flights into or out of Gaza that [...]

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The AVE Scene: What happened to Washington Mutual?

Local story, read it on Amazon.[...]