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Microsoft Surface … something truly New!

This Ain’t No iPAD After several months of trying to use an iPad as an always present device to access the web, I gave up. The iPad is a toy.  It is fine for simple web browsing or watching movies… as long as these movies are purchased from Apple. Inside the Apple world, the Amazon [&hellip[...]

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What is an “Information Technology Mentor” at Western Governors UNiversity?

From WGU’s own blog … what are the qualifications for someone who mentors in information technology?  Would you hire an IT person who was “mentored” by someone with NO IT credential;s of her own? WGU Mentor Interview Series – Meet Ann Jacobsen 10/28/2010 12:15 pm What [...]

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Charter Schools Winning by 50.8% to 49.2%

Over at Horses ASS, my friend Neil predicts hairs’ breath win for Charter Schools, I 1240. After Saturday’s vote-count updates (only 6 counties, only 93,955 additional ballots), little has changed but much has changed. As on Friday, Yes on I-1240 is in the lead by a 50.8% to 49.2% margin. As[...]

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Another WGU “Student” Chimes In

I currently am a student at WGU in the post bacc teaching cert program. I have a bachelors and masters from a bricks and mortar university. All the courses I needed for the program transferred to WGU. I did have to take 2 history and English courses that I did not have in my bs […][...]

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HUMOR: Girl guides seeking to break world bra chain record

New Zealand Girl Guides hope to stretch the world bra chain record of 166,000 bras end on end later this year. The guides have currently collected 14,500 bras and they have just over four months to find another 151,500 bras to beat the world record held by Australia. The event was started by the Dar[...]