Romney’s Secret Headquarters

Secret Entrance to Team Romney National Headquarters

This is the place!  Team Romney National Headquarters,

To get here you really need to know Boston’s North  End …  the legendary home of Bulger, Tecce and other great Mafiosa.

Romney’s headquarters in a decrepit 60s era building is remarkable only for its high tower ..possible once used by mafia thugs to watch for rival gangs?

The building itself has no signs … nothing to mark it as the headquarters of a billion dollar enterprise. The only sign of what was inside was a car in the parking lot.  Only one car had a Romney Ryan sticker!

Once inside, I found this wall … like the walls that used to lead into Joe Tecce’s restaurants where Mama Tecce  sold tax free Dago  red.  To get through the wall you have to know someone … in the old days I used the name off my uncle Louie … a minor Mafiosa.

The guy in the picture was trying to deliver a pizza pie.  The pizza man was  quizzed and grilled for a good ten minutes before someone came out o escort the pizza guy and his now cold pie.  By the time the guy got back out I could hear him cursing under his breadth.  I would bet he did not get a tip for bringing a cold pizza!