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Using Personal Capital, Organ Sales, to Pay for College

WCVBTV BOSTON — A Boston parent said he or she is willing to sell body parts to pay off his or her children’s school debt.The ad, “Do You Need A Live Cadaver? Take My Body,” was posted in the “jobs wanted” section of Boston Craigslist earlier this week.The poster [...]

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THE Ave Challenge

Can you identify the owner of this lake side property? a. Putin b. Bezos c. Assad d. Romney e. McKenna[...]

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DEAR WOOKIE: Why I will reluctanly vote for gay marriage.

This is a letter to a straight friend who wants me to vote for Referendum 74 .. the gay marriage law.     Dear Wookie. I intend to vote for Referendum 74 but I will do so with great reluctance. “Marriage” has a very deeply felt meaning to millions of people. The term is bound [[...]