Worst Case Scenario .. What happens to the US if Romney wins

The biggest obstacle to true and fair democracy is not the right wing crazies-it’s liberal apathy and cynicism?

Commentary by Robert

 Worse Case Scenario

Assuming Romney & Ryan (these lethal bozo’s should not have even been close) win their attitude of extreme conservative austerity, the sworn oath of the Tea party politicians to never raise taxes on the wealthy and the republican obsession to regain power by sabotaging the black man’s presidency at any cost will result in America’s very own holocaust. The next four years will include a collapse of the American economy, drastically increased unemployment, destroy the social safety net, gut the public schools system, close the US Post Office, deprive millions of healthcare, expand the war on collective bargaining and working people, on women, on the underemployed, on minorities, end fair elections, end affordable higher education, reinforce a corporate dominated supreme court, keep money in politics, start unnecessary wars resulting in millions of casualties, destabilize world peace, put global warming on steroids which could be the beginning of the end of the human species. The Tea party republicans then would give the trillions they skin for social services to the already obscenely rich and a bloated military.

 Collapse the Economy

The Paul Ryan budget will drastically reduce the Federal workforce to include laying off 1000’s of postal workers, close or restrict the EPA and many other essential Federal departments. The repeal of Obama care will not only mean millions of unnecessary deaths and suffering but also mean the loss of thousands of jobs. Romney intends to also stop regulating the investment banks thus allowing, actually encouraging, the too big to fail banks to play the stock market like casino and restart making highly risky loans and then demand  taxpayer bailouts which in turn will trigger more loans from China. This in turn will eventually significantly lower our credit rating restricting our ability to compete in the global market. The Romney administration is also committed to doubling student loans, ending Pell grants which will waste America’s most valuable resource-intelligent and creative young people. This lack of federal support will also cripple research and development thus losing American leadership in innovation and manufacturing. To keep a lid on all this oppression the Romney administration will have to establish an authoritarian police state. ALEC (lobbists) will take these policies to all local levels thus turning

The End of Democracy 

Now let’s talk voter suppression. So far the republicans have managed to deny 5 million voters access to vote in November’s election. This includes World War 2, Korean and Vietnam veterans. What is even scarier is that these extreme right wing saboteurs have managed to privatize the management of the voting counting machines. This means Diebold and other corporations are going to be programming the voting machines of this election and all in the future. Who do you think they will want to win in the future? Even if the November election is legit and the extreme right takes the Senate and or Presidency don’t you think they will rig all future elections? This is the only way the relatively small group of wealthy white supremacist gain maintain control of America as minorities continue to become the new majority by 2020.

Also you can start a grassroots movement in your social network by talking to your family and friends about being registered to vote and to vote for the Democratic Party candidates. Ask them to talk to their family and friends and hopefully the message will go viral.

Obviously the democratic party is the only organization with the structure and resources to send these knuckle dragging Neanderthals back to their lavish caves. Please don’t tell that a 3rd or 4th party will not split the liberal vote and hand it the fascists. Also don’t tell me you depending on the Libertarians to save all that is fair and descent in America for our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren. Get it?

If good, descent and fair-minded people don’t wake up, grow up, get real and take responsibility for finding truthful news and elect sincere competent people that care about the general welfare, the commons and social justice then the special interest (1%) will dominate our lives, continue to cause horrific suffering for their luxurious lifestyles. Please trust me, Thom Hartmann, Ed Shultz, Rachael Madow, Bill Moyers, Ami Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, Michael Moore, Dennis Kucinich, Senator Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Progressive Caucus and yes, Barrack Obama when I say if we don’t answer the call to defend, preserve and improve our country it will be headed for the 3rd World, perhaps very similar to the oligarchies of Russia and or Mexico.

 What To Do

Remember that it is still one person one vote in the Congress. No matter how much money a person has they still have only one vote. We might have lost the 2012 election to the 1% authoritarians but we could take it back in 2014. We fair minded people must let go of our cynicism and salvage the democratic party. We will have to do damage control in 2013 but we can prevail if we wake up, grow up, get real and take responsibility for our democracy.

  Democracy— USE IT OR LOSE IT? 

Remember one if nothing else I have said—– it’s about the kids.


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