The King Of Jordan

Mitt Romney’s panic over the democratic elections in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya is shameful.  These newborn democracies may fail, but Americans of all people, should support the chance of the people of these countries ot rule themselves … even when that means making their own mistakes.

I s there an alternative route to democracy?

For all our faults, the US had had remar5kable success in planting democracy in places we have conquered … Japan and Germany!  Iraq, however, shows that democracy is hard to deliver even with drone bombers.

There is, however, another path to democracy … the path guided by a benevolent ruler.  For those who are skeptical that not convinced that “benevolent rulers” sexist, the examples of Gerge Washington’s refusal to accept the title of King the democratic evolution of counties like Holland and Sweden may be worth some thought.  Can democracy be fed by Kings?  The answer may come, one hopes, in the future of Jordan.

Jordan king says he is in power to reform not to control Jordan king says he is in power to reform not to control.. Al ArabiyyaJordan’s king on Tuesday said being in power was never for the sake of control and brings “no gain” for his ruling Hashemite family. King Abdullah II said his goal was to stimulate reform away from “negative” political power struggle, in reference to recent mass protests … Read More



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