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What is a Washington “Charter School”

Charter Schools  Initiative 1240 would authorize the creation of 40 charter schools, independently managed by non-profits, over a 5-year period. A newly-created charter school commission would oversee the new system. Charter schools would use the same funding from the existing public school system [...]

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Ave Challenge: UW History

Who called Suzzallo¬†Library “Suzzallo’s extravagance”? Answer[...]

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Slur of the Day

Sambo (U.S.) a derogatory term for an African American, Black, or sometimes a South Asian person.[163][...]

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Libyan Revolution Day

Libya’s new leaders declared liberation on Sunday Oct. 23, 2011[...]

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Election 2012: Radical Right’s Racist Graphics.

NOT WRIGHT Obama camp: ‘Not true’ prez held black-pastor conference call with Rev. Jeremiah Wright Read more:[...]