Where to Spend Your 2012 Political Dollars

Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts


Stephen —

The Republicans hit the panic button in Massachusetts — and they’re swooping in to save Scott Brown’s campaign.

The Koch Brothers just gave Scott Brown’s Super PAC $500,000 for mail and robocalls attacking Elizabeth. Half a million dollars to spend in just 20 days.

The strength of our grassroots campaign is being tested like never before. If we don’t stand up to the right-wing billionaires swooping in to help Scott Brown, it could be too late.

Donate now to give Elizabeth Warren the final resources she needs to beat Scott Brown.

Scott Brown and Mitt Romney have the same plan. Cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires, and leave everyone else to pick up the pieces.

It was wrong when Scott Brown said it in our last debate, and it was wrong when Mitt Romney said it last night.

The facts are clear: Elizabeth Warren wants to be the deciding vote to give President Obama a Democratic majority in the United States Senate to keep moving our country forward. Brown wants a Republican majority to stand in his way.

That’s why Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers and Wall Street will spend anything they can to throw the kitchen sink at Elizabeth for the next 20 days. Donate one last time to help Elizabeth fight back:

Thank you,

Doug Rubin
Senior Advisor
Elizabeth for MA

P.S. Yesterday, President Obama officially endorsed Elizabeth — he said: “I can count on Elizabeth to stand with me.” Help Elizabeth do just that – donate now.


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