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ROMNEYISMS: Man invents disease

Chronic Lyme disease is a proposed syndrome that sufferers think is brought on by a bacterial infection from a tick bit. The CDC, NIAID, and leading medical professionals agree that the syndrome doesn’t exist.  Now that debate has risen to the political sphere as well, as presidential candida[...]

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Ryan’s Character


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Where to Spend Your 2012 Political Dollars

It is getting late. Obama will win here in WA state and Delbene needs you work not your dollars.  I am failry certain that Ferguson and Inslee will win too.   SO .. if yo want to give money, here are some great people that NEED your bucks![...]

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ROMNEYISMS: Government should ban pot from medicinal use because it is a d-r-u-g.

The Washington Post points out Mitt’s odd use of the term the “recreational” when asked about  legalized medical marijuana in a sate where “medicinal pot: has become a major industry. “I oppose marijuana being used for recreational purposes and I believe the federal la[...]

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A Conservative Asks REAL Questions

There is, in fact, no politics in the USA. All significant political posts are held by either Democrats or Republicans, and on every issue likely to be thought important by the historians of 500 years hence, the two parties are of the same mind. Think of some big American national-policy questions o[...]

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Oct 18. 1941

Nazis murdered 10,000 Jews in Vilna.[...]

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Election 2012: China’s Choice: Romney

Which U.S. presidential candidate would be better for U.S.-China relations? Tuesday’s debate outed the real Mitt Romney … a modern incorporation of the Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers.  These men built the corporations that dominate today’s world and are now rivaled only by the s[...]