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BREAKING NEWS: Mitt Loses His Cool

Mitt loses his cool A sas moment for thr Republican Remnant.  Obams 10 Mitt 3.[...]

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Obama missed killing Ben Ladem THREE TIMES .. Wonkette

Daily Caller: Barack Obama Such A Loser He Only Killed Bin Laden Once by Rebecca Schoenkopf, WONKETTE Obama has not killed Osama Bin Laden enough times to satisfy the Daily Caller.  READ MORE »[...]

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CHINA: Ai Weiwei Denounces Nobel Given to Chinese Apparatchnik

2012 NOBEL PRIZES Mo Yan win ‘denigrates’ Nobel lit prize: artist The Swedish Academy’s choice of Mo Yan for the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature has been slammed by Chinese dissidents and regime critics, including artist Ai Weiwei who called the decision “a joke”. READ [...]

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Eric Cantor ‘Probably Can’t Speak’ To Why Paul Ryan Included Obama Medicare Cuts In His Budget[...]

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ROMNEYISMS: Mitt debates Mitt


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The AVE Challenge: Can You Identify The Black Shopper at Target?

Michelle Obama was sighted shopping in Target last Rosh Hashana. That part is easy.  BUT there are 16 other celebs in the images.  Can you find: Kim Kardashian, Rudi Gay, Heidi Klum, Lea Mitchel. Rebecca Gayheart, Leonardo DiCaprio, Britney Spears, Peter Wentz, Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, Brian Ser[...]

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Election 2012: My recommendations to Obamas for tonight’s debate:

It is difficult for a very bright and honest man to debate a facile liar like Mitt Romney.  Andrew Sullivan put it this way: Let’s look back a bit: With President Obama holed up in a Nevada resort for debate practice, things can get pretty boring on the White House beat right now. Pretty bori[...]