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A Case for Hinglish A new circular from the Department of Official Language, part of the Indian Home Ministry, encourages the use of popular English words in place of difficult Hindi terms in official Hindi communications. The circular states that Hindi words such as “misil” (for “file”), [...]

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Places Your Money Can Help

Rep. Jeff Flake, a Tea Party activist is running foe the Senate in Arizona. The polls are close and we have a chance of defeating this extreme conservative.  Wesley Clark’s PAC, with its focus on veterans, has placed this ad What the people of Arizona need to know is how Flake has already and[...]

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Support Your Local (Charter School)

F– USE, a local progressive organization, has refused to take a stand on Initiative 1240 .. the intiative to allow a small number of charter schools in our state. I think F– USE made a wise decision.  Unfortunately one of my liberal correspondents in upset: David Spring writes: “F[...]

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ELECTION 2012: Listen to Michelle

If you did not watch this, you should![...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Coca Cola Breaks Into North Korea!

Coke is now for sale in Pyongyang!  The trick is that the Coke being sold is bottled in Italy, but the message is clear!  In the meantime, as AVE readers know, Cupertuno is still planning to build the Goldfinger in the Communist Monarchy. Read more about Apple’s plans for North Korea.[...]

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UW’s Rank Among World’s Universities

  UW research ranks fourth among world universities By Bob RosethNews and Information Posted under: Honors and Awards, News Releases, Research, UW and the Community   A ranking released by National Taiwan University places the University of Washington fourth among the world’s universitie[...]

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ROMNEYISMS: A visit to Romney’s campaign site