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Republicans Run On Fear

  As Democrats approach this election season, there is only one message that we need spread to the American people:[...]

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This is the little disdainful plutocrat who cannot satisfy our needs because he has never known want. Callous men often lead the greatest of human calamities.   Guy Somerset or watch the Romney video:                           [...]

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Biden Ryan … a reality TV show?

This morning’s coverage of the vice presidential debate is distressing. Rather than reviewing a political debate, the media are treating this as a theatrical performance. Trying to be as impartial as I possibly can, this is the debate that I saw. Mr. Ryan repeated the Party’s assorted at[...]

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ROMNEYISMS: Does Mitt Need Lessons on Where Babies Come From?

“I looked him in the eye as we were leaving,” recalls [Julie] Goodridge, [a gay rights activist and mother who managed to meet with Romney when he was governor]. “And I said, ‘Governor Romney, tell me — what would you suggest I say to my 8 year-old daughter about why her mommy and her ma [[...]

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ROMNEYISMS: Blaming Obama for Ryan’s Budget

Romney Slams Obama For Medicare Cuts In Ryan’s Budget   With Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee, Mitt Romney’s central argument pushing back against critics of the House budget chief’s Medicare plan is that President Obama cut deep into Medicare under the Affordable Care Act. But Ryan[...]

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Register for Next Year’s Netroots[...]

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The Romney Girl Video

The Swiss bankers are not happy about this:[...]

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