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Health Care Irony: English Health Service Buys Care in America that Americans Can Not Afford

From The Guardian   The NHS– often derided in the US as “socialised medicine” – sprang into action for Ethan Fidler and there is every likelihood he will be cured. His doctor at the University of Florida institute of proton therapy in Jacksonville, Danny Indelicato, is delighte[...]

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ROMNEYISMS: Mitt’s stuff

Read here.[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Chavez Endorses Obama

It is probably not the sort of endorsement that US President Barack Obama was expecting to receive less than two months out from the American presidential election. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez – who is also seeking re-election – said he would back Obama in the US presidential elections, Reu[...]

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ROMNEYISMS: How Romney LAWFULLY escapes paying taxes.

  Dem Lawmakers Make Example Of Romney’s Enormous IRA Brian Beutler Talking Points Memo   Top Democrats are pushing tax writers in both the House and Senate to close the tax loopholes that likely allowed Mitt Romney to use a savings vehicle for middle class workers to build a nearly $100[...]

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OBAMA DOCTRINE: Credible Military Threat to Iran

According to the authoritative Journal of Foreign Affairs, “Foreign Policy,” Pres. Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu have reached an agreement on a strategy to avert Iran’s acquiring nuclear capability. The strategy would be a joint US Israeli strike targeting Iran’s enrichm[...]

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The Biden Ryan Debate, Shame on you!

Scheming the debate last week, I wrote that I expected Romney to play Cincinnatus, the Roman farmer who saved Rome by giving up a life of ease and assuming the role of Great Leader.  I assume team Obama never read my post and won’t read this one either. I think it is very easy to […][...]

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ROMNEYISMS: How Romney Contributed to the Italian Crisis

The buyer, Italy’s biggest telephone company, now has a total market value less than what it paid Bain and other investors for the directory business.. based on a report in Bloomberg: By Jesse Drucker, Elisa Martinuzzi and Lorenzo Totaro – Aug 6, 2012 Another Romney/Bain Taxes scandal may be[...]

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Demand for Swiss bull sperm on the rise

from the Swiss Local: Swissgenetics said it has exported over 500,000 doses of semen for the first time in its history last year, to respond to increased demand in 50 countries. The company, headquartered near Bern, also said that in the course of the past ten years, exports of its packaged semen ha[...]

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Ten Reasons to Vote Against Mitt Romney

I am mystified why any smart person would want Mitt Romney to be  President. The only substantive argument seems to be that Romney has been a successful executive.  I have trouble following that argument.  Successful executives come in many different flavors depending on the kind of business they[...]