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Leading from Behind

Benefits outweigh risks in Philippines peace deal MANILA, Philippines (AP) – A tentative roadmap to peace in the southern Philippines announced this week is the first major step in the latest attempt to end a long and bloody insurgency waged by minority Muslims in the predominantly Christian n[...]

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First Private Flight to Space Station Succeeds!

 SpaceX said Sunday that despite anengine problem it delivered its Dragon cargo carrier to a “picture-perfect” orbit for NASA.[...]

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NOBEL PRIZE: Yamanaka and Gurdon

STOCKHOLM (AP) — British researcher John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka of Japan won this year’s Nobel Prize in medicine on Monday for discovering that mature, specialized cells of the body can be reprogrammed into stem cells — a discovery that scientists hope to turn into new treatments. See [...]

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WARNING: “Sears, at its discretion. will decide when it can provide service under warranty.”

I urge you not to buy an appliance from Sears. Sears still has the golden brands of Kenmore appliances and Craftsman tools, even if their reputations are slipping. We have been loyal customers for forty years, going to Sears for quality and the reliability of its warranty. Recently we purchased a hi[...]

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Berkeley Blog: Will Califonia pass a new tax?

Will Prop. 30 pass? Here’s some historical perspective Ethan Rarick, director, Matsui Center | 9/26/12 What’s the likely outcome for Proposition 30, Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed tax increase? That’s the million-dollar question — well, OK, the $6-billion question — for the California polit[...]

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Chuck Todd: Republican Edge In Voter Enthusiasm Is ‘Huge Problem’ For Democrats

This has worried me for three years.  Team Obama’s concept of “grass roots”  has always been ytally top down.  After 08, Obama types were more rare in Seattle than Republicans … the team left Seattle to its own local cacophony.  Hillary types, and Denistas were far more n[...]