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The Prince vs. The Veep, Debate II

This weeks encounter is a lot more difficult to predict than debate #1.  Both of these are very smart men .. wonkish to the extreme.  Ryan has .. what Reagan said about his opponent … Ryan has the disadvantage of being young and inexperienced.  His spinner will try to weave expectations low[...]

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Ryanomics: Obama confuses the issues

“I think the president has done an effective job at trying to confuse the issue, at trying to distort our postions, at trying to distact people, but at the end of the day I don’t think that’s going to work.”[...]

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ROMNEYISMS: the song


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ROMNEYISMS: Mitt goes to NASCAR in the drizzles

the  time Mitt attended a NASCAR race in the rain … The crowd initially booed Mr. Romney, who occasionally struck a discordant note, as when he approached a group of fans wearing plastic ponchos. “I like those fancy raincoats you bought,” he said. “Really sprung for the big bucks.” Af[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: I just love Mormons so much I hate to see us all represented by Mitt Romney. It reflects so badly on a religion that stands for better things.

“It was not that I had specific horrible stories to tell, it was that I felt people should know that he was not a caring man, particularly when it came to women. He once said to me, “Judy, I don’t know why you keep coming to church. You are not my kind of Mormon.” Judy […][...]

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 (As Revealed on HorsesAss) As the only Eternal, I can look into the Wiki at any time in the future. I offer here to share the time course of revelation from three decades hence after future President Romney’s sad loss to President Obama in 2012. from Wiki (1 AM, January 20, 2050) After his loss [...]