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Paul Allen Makes $1.5 billion off of Jeff Bezos

Amazon Shells Out $1B+ To Own The Keys To Its Seattle Corporate HQ[...]

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Foxconn Denies Strike At iPhone 5 Plant — But Says Apple Asked It To Improve Quality Control[...]

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During Romney’s years as chief executive of Bain Capital LLC, companies owned by the firm received millions of dollars in benefits from a variety of state and local government economic development programs.[...]

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Lenny Bruce ..a prophet

Tablet Magazine’s Liel Leibovitz says it’s because Bruce was always a prophet, not an entertainer. [Running time: 8:45.][...]

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FOX NEWS: internal document on choosing news people

Editors of The-AVE.US have obtained this document from a covert agent of the GLA (great liberal conspiracy).  This agent has been employed as a secretary within the HR Department. Please do not contact the Ave for the identity of this agent as we maintain that sources are protected under the First [...]

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India serious about its “Russian” aircraft carrier

Xinhua has an interesting piece on the aircraft carier that India is buying from Russia.  Unlike the carrier that China bought, India’s Russo-Indian carrier comes with a fleet of airplanes.  The effect could be startling .. imagine India as a real sea power in the Indian Ocean![...]

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WGUMore WGU Mail

I received the following from yet another WGU “student.”  The post says that Jerry Davis, a very successful IT security guy got his training at WGU.  I did look on the web to find out if it was valid but I did not see nay evidence that Jerry Davis trained at WGU.  His public LinkedIn [...]

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APPLESAUCE: More labor issues in China, Opportunity in North Korea?

New York-based China Labor Watch reported that 3,000 to 4,000 workers at an Apple Foxconn plant in the central China’s Zhengzhou city went on strike Friday over increased quality control demands and having to work during an extended national holiday. While little more has been hear recently ab[...]