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Celebrating Jim Lehrer

from Huff Post “Some other members of the media also jumped to Lehrer’s defense. “Jim Lehrer did the unthinkable – he let the candidates debate,” Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren wrote.” So Greta vsn Susteren is now a credible member of the media?  Who next?  Bill[...]

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A Role Model for Mitt

from the Wiki Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (520 BC – 430 BC) was an aristocrat and political figure of the Roman Republic, serving as consul in 460 BC and Roman dictator in 458 BC and 439 BC.[1] Cincinnatus was regarded by the Romans, especially the aristocratic patrician class, as one of the hero[...]

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ROMNEYISMS; A conservative despairs

This is the little disdainful plutocrat who cannot satisfy our needs because he has never known want. Callous men often lead the greatest of human calamities.     Guy Somerset Guy Somerset,a lawyer by profession, write for the conservative blog, Taki’s Magazine Please share this article by[...]

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WGU Updates: Anonymous student responds, defends her “degree”

UPDATE: One of the WGU students has responded to my posts. This is a step forward since most of the comments i get are either unpublishable invective or look like flak from WGU PR folks.,’ Read the comment thread from older posts here. I find the editor to be an absolute moron. Lets all make [[...]