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ELECTION 2012: Print a free score sheet


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Karl Rove Makes a Death Threat

Karl Rove Has Gotta Do Something About Todd, On the final morning of the Republican National Convention, Karl Rove explained to an audience dotted with hedge fund billionaires and investors—including John Paulson and Wilbur Ross—how his super PAC, American Crossroads, will persuade undecided vot[...]

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The Debates: Obama has been VERY Lucky

The Financial Times: Obama’s Luck vs. Mitt’s last stand excerpts from article by Edward Luce Tomorrow night we will learn whether Obama has been very lucky in getting Romney as his debate partner. Edward Luce remarks on what he sees as Obama’s amazing luck ,,, perhaps more accuarat[...]

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ROMNEY’S Backers Want It Secret

Super-Rich Irony … CLICK THE GIF   Why do billionaires feel victimized by Obama?   Read more[...]

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ROMEYISMS: for the lip reading community


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Western Governers, Faux Universities and Election 2012

THE Ave hopes you will not ignore the relevance of BOTH parties to the effort to replace high quality AMERICAN education with one another sort of low quality … good enout for the masses alternative .. Western Governors is a great example. Read this article from Bloomberg (my amendments are in [...]

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DRUDGE … being fair and balanced

DNC:  Romney will win   Obama Debate Prep at Luxury Mideast Theme Resort   POLL: O 49% R 47%...   CADDELL: Mainstream Media Threatening Our Country's Future...    [...]

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Romney Explains The Miracle of Hanukkah


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ROMNEYISMS: a comic’s point of view