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Mormons Fast so God Will Help Mitt.

Mormons Plan To Fast For Romney Mormons circulate an e-mail calling for a day of fasting and prayer on September 30th for Romney to do well in the debates.Asking God to rain blessings on a struggling candidacy. —– Original Message —– > Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 07:52:22 -060[...]

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Asking Forgiveness Without Conditions is The Tradition at Yom Kippur

Photo: AP JEWS DO BAD THINGS TOO: Last year Israelis and Palestinians protested together after  a firebomb was thrown at a synagogue followed by two dozen Muslim and Christian graves being  vandalized by graffiti in the mixed Arab Jewish neighborhood of Jaffa, Israel, October 8, 2011, Yom Kippur, [...]

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Romney in the Buff. What Pecks!


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Commentary by Halstead: Climate Change

cloud/temperature feedbacks Professor Roger Davies, University of Auckland, NZ gave a talk yesterday describing satellite [*] global measurements of cloud coverage, cloud heights, liquid water content,and reflectivities for a dozen years since ~2000 [**], and their effects on temperatures at the sur[...]

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Commentary by SMS:STENCHGATE I do not think even Paul Krugman can help Mitt!

Craig Robinson, a former political director of the Iowa Republican Party told the  New York Times  “I hate to say this, but if Ryan wants to run for national office again, he’ll probably have to wash the stench of Romney off of him.” The “stench” seems to be spreading.  A report[...]

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AlJazeera: Clarence Thomas

from al Jazeera Perhaps you’re familiar with Clarence Thomas, the Long-Dong-Silver-loving US Supreme Court Justice. With a new term beginning on The Court, he has just passed the five-year mark for not only saying nothing of value while hearing cases, but nothing at all. Yes, you read that cor[...]

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Read more by clicking the tag for Apple or Goldfinger.[...]

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Election 2012

from Huff Post: In Florida, a state widely considered a must-win for Romney, results ranged from a whopping 9 point Obama lead (53 to 43 percent) on the new CBS/Times/Quinnipiac poll, to a 4 point Obama advantage on the Washington Post poll (51 to 47 percent), to a much narrower 1 point edge for Oba[...]