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Choose a Senator Today!

  Tim Kane is running for Senate against George Allen .. the guy who called a brown man a “Macaca.”  [...]

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Barackas: The Obama Girl Returns


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Mark McKinnon on Why Time Is Running Out for Mitt Romney Sep 19, 2012 4:45 AM EDT Ex-Bush aide Mark McKinnon keeps waiting for Romney to turn his campaign around and show the right stuff. After the 47 percent tape, he’s not sure that moment will ever come.[...]

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Funny You Do Not Look Cherokee

Last night’s debate between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown can be summed up in one phrase: “I think character is important. …  as you can see, she’s not (Native American).” Scott Warren As a Jew, I am all too familiar with the faux complement “Funny you do not look Jewish.[...]

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Ryanomics: Support for Science

The Scientist reports that Paul Ryan supports federal finding for basic research, except  when science conflicts with ideology ….. The good news is that Paul Ryan states that he supports  increasing funding for basic science. In 2000, Representative Ryan opined that biomedical research was a[...]