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from WONKETTE We ll this is unfortunate. After the Great Mommy War (Redux) of Two-Thousand-And-Twelve, which pitted the Sanctity of Motherhood and America against one lesbo (and Barack Obama), and which was second only to the Great Wonkette Commenter Riots for the year’s most devastating skullfuck[...]

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Romneyisms: talkin to black folk

Romney’s NAACP Speech Mitt got loudly booed for dissing Obamacare, but otherwise was treated more than politely .. esp. compared with the reception one might imagine the black dude from Hawaii getting in a similar venue.  The rad right wants to spin this as evidence of Rmoney’s courage,[...]

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Election 2012: Michelle Obama’s Great Speech

If you did not watch this, you should![...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Chicago, is the strike over?

End to Chicago teachers’ strike is not assured Read more: Despite the somewhat dubious source at Fox news, I recommend this article. The article suggests that the strike may not end on Monday. Whi[...]

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ROMNEYISMS: How Bain works.