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ROMNEYISMS: Mitt Romney Homeland Security Record In Massachusetts: Domestic Spying, Wiretapping

Mitt Romney ran for governor of Massachusetts as the man who saved the 2002 winter Olympics. While much of his focus had been on righting the games in Salt Lake City after its organizing committee became mired in a U.S. bribery scandal, security was also a top priority. These were the first U.S. Oly[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Romney and Ryan Campaign Makes Surprise Visit to Port Orchard!

UPDATE:The Romney campaign claims that Mr. Romney is in New Hampshire studing for his exam debate with the law professor from Chicago President. Amazing how the Republicans try to cover up even a little fun trip to Seattle! What a surprise!  My wife and I were in Port Orchard for Labor Day and we [...]

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Poltical Hypocrisy

β Award “Dishonorable Disclosures” is a short film by an organization called Special Operations OPSEC attacking Obama for leaking information about the assasination of ben Laden and our covert efforts in places like Afghanistan and Libya.  The comparison to  to the “Swift Boat&#[...]

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THE-Ave Challenge: Who Is It?

A. New Mitt Romney Ad B. Advertisement for Russian Made Guns in NRA Magazine c. Marco Rubio hunting alligators. d. Vladimir Putin showing of his pecks. e. Rand Paul at Survivalist Training Camp.[...]

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Romney’s Religion

Why Mitt Romney Is Hobbled by His Mormon Faith Many conservatives are skeptical of Mitt Romney’s religion, and their lack of enthusiasm for his candidacy could threaten his chances this fall. But why is the issue so controversial? And why won’t he address it? By Gerhard Spörl, more at D[...]

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Photography: Lewis Hine

CLICKME for more[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: KVI, Seattle’s own version of Fox an Friends, has been resurrected!

KVI is being resurrected. Thew right’s faith in Koch brothers Karl Rove hate radio Money Tree Mitt”s Zillions Seattle’s creationsit Discovery Institute Jesus as an entrepreneur is getting it reward!After 20 months of oldies programming (not really sure what they have been doing) KV[...]