Tim Wieland, news director at KCNC, explained the conditions that the Romney campaign wanted BEFORE allowing a reporter to interview Mtt:

We were contacted by the Romney campaign yesterday morning, late morning, and were told that we would receive an opportunity, one of just a few in the country, to speak with Mr. Romney during a five-minute satellite interview today. And they asked if we would be interested in that. We said of course.They said at that time: ‘We do have one stipulation: We don’t want to discuss abortion.’ We said that obviously puts us in a difficult position because it is a subject we clearly want to ask about so we would have to be upfront abut that stipulation.

We called back when we thought about how we would want to ask about the Akin controversy. We said we do plan to ask about the Akin controversy. They said, ‘To be clear he is not going to discuss that either. He has said everything he is going to say about that and doesn’t want to discuss it.’ We said, ‘There again, we are going to have to be clear that that stipulation was being placed on the interview.’

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