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Support Your Local Wiki

Please click on the Wikipedia logo and give what you can.[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Presdient Acts Sows Evidence of Rationality

Egypt’s president appoints four aides, 17 advisers including Christians, women Maybe Romney should take a lesson from this guy?[...]

August 27th, 2012 - 10:46 pm § in Misc.

BREAKING NEWS: Another Republican Backs Forced Pregnancy

Tom Smith, Republican candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania, has endorsed forced pregnancy after rape. Smith said Monday at the Pennsylvania Press Club that that abortion should be banned without any exceptions, including for rape and incest victims.[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: White Soldiers Caught Trying to Overthrow US Governement

Who needs Islamic terrorists?    According to the AP, Four soldiers based in Georgia hatched an “anarchist” plot to assassinate Barack Obama and take control of Fort Stewart, and then allegedly killed a fellow soldier and his fiancee to keep their plans secret. Unlike a lot of the [...]

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Election 2012 ISAAC’s RATH


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Election 2012 .. The Republican union issues come to the campus!

Calif RAs to Get Union Rights? By Bob Grant The California legislature takes steps to broaden the ability of graduate students to unionize by extending collective bargaining rights to research assistants.[...]