ROMNEYISMS: His buddy Trump

Michael Gerson, Bush II’s former speechwriter, is ringing his hands over Mitt’s friendship with Trump.  The latest wrinkle is that Mitt is going to have Trump feature at the Convention … in a skit where Trump fires an Obama impersonator. Such gravitas should not go unrewarded.

In the mean time , while Mitt and Paul have now disavowed time soulmate and Missouri Senator incarnadine Claude Akin’s claim that women have a magical way (presumably other than abortion) of aborting babies after a “legitimate” rape, their buddy Trump has new one …. vaccination is bad!  Trump asserted that multiple vaccinations cause babies to be “different,” based on this evidence: “I’ve known cases.”

When informed that most physicians disagree, Mitt’s buddy responded: “I know they do. . . . I couldn’t care less.”

Of course, this is only the foreskin of Reprican weirdness … the party that opposes rape wants laws mandating that women undergo the state sticking a probe into the ladie’s vagina if she requests an abortion.  Oh, and the drought is not due to global warming, it is due to Mr. Obama’s policies”  Such gravitas should not go unrewarded.

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