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BREAKING NEWS:Curiosity has landed

AWESOME. BRS and I watched the live feed!!!!!!!![...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Sexual Mores at the Olympic Level


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The Ave Challenge: What is it?

A. Chinese President’s new yacht, “Poem” B. Steve Jobs’ yacht, “Venus.” C. Jeff Bezos’ waterfront home for Friday Harbor D. Qatari ferry to Shiekh’s private island E. Alaska’s first domestic cruise ship, “Kruglika”  [...]

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Battle rages in city that will determine fate of Syria[...]

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Election 2012: The local scene

Joel Connelly at the PI has an insightful view of the disarray onf Washington State Democrats as we approach to 2012 primary. Where the Rs are built around the core of vested wealth, the D’s old core are the unions, especially the teachers’ unions.  This establishment, represents the jo[...]

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Why Hero-women Wear Bikini Armor


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Keeping the Crows Away

Out in the field, the Occupiers had placed two scarecrows; this one in particular really emulated the Occupy “style,” as it were. Or maybe that was one of the Occupiers, after a really rough night?[...]