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The Right to Dry

Great video on the assault on our rights by extremists in Oregon, Watchme., Or read this essay from A Slip of a Girl.[...]

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Civil War As A Spectator Sport

Israeli tourists flock to Golan Heights to watch Syrians in battle Israeli tourists are flocking to vantage points in the Golan Heights to take a glimpse of ongoing battle in Syrian, the Times of Israel reported on Tuesday. The report got a lot of attention following the visit of Israeli Defense Min[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Fox and Paul on the debt

The misuse of free expression when conflated with corporate ownership of the media.[...]

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Last year I visited this same place.  I was in Ann Arbor to celebrate a bat mitzvah but spent as much free time as  coud “seeing Detroit.” In the past, the death of an American city  have beem translated into iconic works by Capa, Smith, Frank, or their modern equivalents working for [...]

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Election 2102: What if Obama wins but loses the popular vote?

Darryl Holman at HorsesAss offers an ongoing analysis of the presidential polls.  This graphic summarizes where things stand now.  Obama is well in the lead in the electoral college because there are NO large sates that are deep red. Even at the reddish/blueish line, the Republicans only lead in T[...]