Penn State Gets Off Lightly, How come the UW gets off totally?

Here are the punishments Emmert and the NCAA announced today for Penn State.

I have three comments:

1. Why only one year worth of financial penalties and who gets the $60 million?  Why didn’t the NCAA require that these moneys go to the victims?  Is the NCAA (rightly) afraid it will be sue3d?

2. Is this restricted to football?

3. Why is there a presumption that PENN State can or should rebuild a football program in four years. Why not make them abandon all competitive sports for 4 years and then APPLY for readmission?

4. Why is this restricted to Penn State?  The NCAA is league.  How much was known by other members of the league .. including UW athletic professionals?   Shouldn’t schools that profited from playing Penn State also be penalized with payments going to the victims?

5. Why muck with real data?  A win, even a legal win happened.  Just put a footnote on them and remove Paterno’s right to be considered in any honorific list.

Penn State Punishments:






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  1. JP #

    What strikes me more than the penalties is news I read somewhere that Emmert admitted there was no due process in the NCAA before the penalties were imposed. According to Emmert, the basis was the Freeh report. Shades of the Aprikyan due process issue?

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