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BREAKING NEWS: Yahoo has a baby in its oven!

Yahoo CEO’s pregnancy reignites a perennial debate NEW YORK (AP) – “Another piece of good news today,” tweeted the expectant mom, announcing to her online followers that she and her husband are awaiting a baby boy. But this wasn’t just any excited mom-to-be. This was 37[...]

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Nelson Mandela Day!

Happy birthday, Nelson Mandela!   In honor of Mandela’s 94th birthday, we should take up his challenge to  “change the world.” Would it be wonderful to make this day the first world holiday?[...]

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While washing his own hands of the taint of dirty politics, Romney’s surrogates still want to be sure we all suspect that the President was born on Mars or in Kenya. The term they use for this tactic  is “vetting.”  Hannity, O’Reilly, Drudge and Breitbart to the vetting whi[...]

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THE Ave predicts Romney’s Veep

Ryan is perfect except for one problem .. he is a papist.  Oh well, Condy Rice is a Nigga, Mitt is a polytheist, Jindal is a papist and a Hindu, Ayotte is a Yankee and a papist wiht an unamerican name, Perry is Perry, Brewer is crazy, Newt hates Mitt, Rubio is too pretty, Pawlenty […][...]