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Mitt Romney was noticeably unwilling Friday to engage in a controversy around the manufacturing of U.S. Olympic uniforms in China, despite criticism from Republican and Democratic lawmakers alike. Maybe he is reticent because he authorized outsourcing of the 2002 US Olympics Uniforms to BURMA!    [...]

July 16th, 2012 - 8:33 am § in Politics

A Rational Comment on the Burner v. Delbene race in WA 1st.

Burner vs. DelBene, Donald A. Smith From Washington Liberals Blog. In her 2006 and 2008 campaigns for Congress, Darcy Burner did not stake out strongly progressive views — presumably because she needed to appeal to conservatives in the southern part of the old 8th CD. This year Darcy is soundi[...]

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FORBES MAGAZINE ASKS: Romney is going to have to answer the following 35 questions before this issue subsides: 1. Are you contending that an individual can simultaneously be the CEO, president, managing director of a company, and its sole stockholder and somehow be “disassociated” from the compa[...]