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Why are summer movies so bad?

Decline and Fall of Hollywood as an American Movie Maker China’s communist government routinely censors Hollywood films before they permit the films to be released in theaters. More often than not, films are censored for content that the government views as critical of Chinese culture; previous ex[...]

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The Debt


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The Washington Post: U.S. pushes for more scientists, but the jobs aren’t there

The Canary in the Mine: a frightening insight into the US Economic future. Based in part on Washington Post article, “U.S. pushes for more scientists, but the jobs aren’t there“ Here in Washington state, Ed Lazowska , the Bill and Melinda Gates Professor of Comp Sci at UW, is a very fo[...]

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BLACK violence against honkeys, fags, and tilt eyes .. IN SEATTLE!

A Fox station in Seattle, KCPQ, reports the King County Sheriff’s office is concealing the problem of black violence.   Bus rider  Gil Costello told the local Fox affiliate, KCPQ, violence on the bus “happens all the time. They just never report it.”  The conservative news site, WND, r[...]

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Photography: Jill Greenberg’s Swimmer


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BREAKING NEWS: What IS happening in Egypt

Robert Fisk: President Morsi, a rigged ballot and a fox’s tale that has all of Cairo abuzz  HIGHLY recommended read for anyone who wants some insight into what is happening and may happen in Egypt.  My take is that Egypt today is rather like Ataturk’s Turkey after WWI.  While not a de[...]