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BREAKING NEWS: Ray Bradbury Dies


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A incident of theft led Foxconn workers to riot this week at Chengdu’s factory. Frustrations erupted Monday night at a Foxconn factory in Chengdu, when a minor incident sparked a Foxconn workers riot against security guards. Apple may have agreed to help improve conditions at Foxconn factories[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Ross Hunter endorses Suzan DelBene

It seems to me that in re BURNER VS. DelBene, Burner brings a committed group of progressives but likely can not win. DelBene brings the endorsements of every major Democrat and organized labor .  It is likely that Suzan can win and will hold that seat for a very long time.  She also brings a [&he[...]

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Summer Foods

from Japan Times For obvious reasons, many of the summer’s food trends are being geared to beat the heat, from unusual sauces for somen (cold noodles) to original recipes for chilled seafood ramen. Kagome’s tomato somen tsuyu serving suggestion According to Nikkei Trendy, the somen tsuyu (s[...]