Breaking News: Will Darcy Burner Act the Spoiler in the First?

 pudge,at Sound Politics gives a startlingly fair view of the Ist CD   Adapted and excerpted.

The  SurveyUSA/KING5 poll of voters in the newly redrawn Washington’s First Congressional District shows Republican John Koster winning with 46 percent.  The party favorite,   Susan DelBene at 4 percent is way behind Darcy Burner at 19 percent.

This is a district that has 50% selecting a no-name Republican (22% undecided), 45% picking Romney over 44% Obama, and 52% McKenna over 38% Inslee. If a candidate with such massive popularity among leftists like Darcy Burner is to win the election, she has to tack way to the middle, and I just don’t think she can do it. Hobbs is the only one of the five, I think, with a realistic shot at it.

Pudge is right.  In our top two system, Darcy Burner could be the opponent for John Koster.  I doubt very much she can grow her vote.  The result could be not only a win for Koster but a real tragedy for the Dems in a District that was winnable.


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