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Romney Way Ahead in Texas, Oklahoma A Texas Tribune poll finds Mitt Romney crushing President Obama in the Lone Star state, 55% to 35%. A Sooner Poll in Oklahoma finds Romney headed for a landslide, 62% to 27%.[...]

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Was TRAYVON Guilty?

BOTH SIDES OF THE TRAYVON MARTIN CASE DESERVE TO GO TO HELL Following Trayvon Marin’s shooting by George Zimmerman, the liberal media … especially Al Sharpton and Larry O’Donnel at MSNBC, let forth with a mighty roar accusing George Zimmerman of being a racist and a murderer. Viewe[...]

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Sound Familiar?

How The Jew and the Gentile Tied the Knot When 100 guests showed up at Zuckerberg’s backyard Saturday,  they got a wedding. A….. ” Zuckerberg himself designed the ring, …..Guests ate family style, and the event included food from the couple’s favorite local sushi restaurant.[...]

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How to Fire Professors

from Inside Higher Education: On July 19, 2009, Edward T. Larkin, a professor of German at the University of New Hampshire, drove his motorcycle down Route 101 to the Market Basket in Milford. He pulled into the parking lot behind a car in which a 17-year-old girl was driving her mother. Larkin park[...]

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UW President Does Not Make Top 50 in Salaries

This is weird.  Is it just because Michael Young has been appointed for less then a year?[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Did God make rules for the internet?

NEW YORK (AP) — Tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men attended a rally Sunday at the New York Mets’ stadium on the dangers of the Internet and how to use modern technology in a religiously responsible way. READMORE.  [...]

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FACEBOOK stock plummets

Adam Smith taught us that capital, not money, created the wealth of nations.  Capital was the stuff people use to build new factories or plow new ground.  Today’s stock market has changed all that.  Capital now deal with the ephemeral … “Likes” have replaced ears of corn a[...]