Super PACS rescue establishement Republican minions for unruly tea partiers.

Republican Establishment Tries To Tamp Down Tea Party Insurgency …

So Mitt and friends bought themselves the Republican nomination.. Restore Our Future spent more attacking  Santorum and Gingrich, than those two candidates together spent on their entire campaigns through the end of February.

The R super PACs are also trying to purge the candidate lists at the Senate level. John McCain and Mitch Daniels (R) endorsed Lugar and announced they would cut ads to support Lugar but more important to the 80 year old Republican Hoosier,   the American Action Network, launched a $ 590,000 campaign of negative ads against Lugar’s Tea Party opponent Mourdock. Major donors, including former fundraisers for President George W. Bush and McCain, and the Karl Rove klan are putting money into pro-Lugar super PACs.

In Utah, the American Action Network is protecting  Sen. Orrin Hatch,  In Texas, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has the support of two super PACs, backed with major contributions from the biggest Republican donors, against a challenge from former state Solicitor General Ted Cruz, who is supported by Tea Party-aligned groups including the Club for Growth and FreedomWorks.

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