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April 24th, 2012 - 10:28 pm § in Misc.

Super PACS rescue establishment Republican minions for unruly tea partiers.

Republican Establishment Tries To Tamp Down Tea Party Insurgency … So Mitt and friends bought themselves the Republican nomination.. Restore Our Future spent more attacking  Santorum and Gingrich, than those two candidates together spent on their entire campaigns through the end of February. [...]

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SeattleJew: Obama Campaign Comes to Seattle

This Saturday I attended a Seattle Obama organization rally. The best part was the church … MLK Memorial Baptist in Renton.  The singer (to the left) was awesome! The church folk were terrific, making everyone feel welcome. This was good because as a non Christian I am always uncomfortable at[...]

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Romney’s Best choice for Veep ….

Calvin Trillin suggests that Ken Carson, Barbie’s boy friend, serves as Mitt’s VEEP Mitt is very handsome, BUT women do not like Mr. Romney. The campaign needs a VEEP who is loved by women!. The obvious choice for VEEP is Ken Carson, Barbie’s boy friend.   Ken, like Mitt,  is abl[...]