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F(r)ee Country

Kam Wing Chan, UW Professor, Department of Geography  As a lifelong foreign student of English I’ve been intrigued, if at times confused, by the magical power of certain words to conceal as well as to reveal. For example, after twenty years in this free country, I have finally come to learn about[...]

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FRENCH ELECTIONS 2012 Moment of truth looms for a ‘desperate’ Sarkozy French President Nicolas Sarkozy told supporters on Friday the “moment of truth” had come. But with the first round of the presidential election less than 48 hours away it appears the pressure is beginning [...]

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Ave Challenge: What event does this show?

a. radiation dispersion from Japan, Spring 2011 b. Pixar character “three eyes” from new Disney movie c. deep sea creature seen by Chinese deep sea probe 深海探测器 d. how the apple logo got its byte e. how the Moon formed from the Earth[...]

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Can North Korea Enter the 21st Century?

All eyes are now on Kim’s third son, Jong-un, the Brilliant Comrade. Will he usher in a technological revolution? Kim Jong-un, aged 27 or 28 (seriously, that’s how backward the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is; we don’t know when he or his father were born), is reportedly quite compu[...]