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APPLESAUCE: Latest Apple Innovation

  The ‘Starck’ truth about Apple’s ‘revolutionary’ product   French designer Philippe Starck became a very popular person last week after a story surfaced about his alleged involvement with a “revolutionary” upcoming Apple product years in the maki[...]

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  ‘The Dignity Of Work’ When Romney Said Mothers On Welfare Need ‘Jobs’ Although he’s now attacking Democrats for not respecting motherhood as work, Romney in January touted his proposal as governor of Massachusetts to raise the amount of work required of parents on welfare so that th[...]

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The Gingrich Treaty on Guns

Newt Gingrich  said he will submit a treaty to the United Nations that would make the right to bear arms a universal human right. “Far fewer women would be raped. Far fewer children would be killed…and far fewer dictators would survive if people had the right to bear arms everywhere on the plan[...]