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BREAKING NEWS: KIRO replaces hate talker, Dori Monson, with Ron Reagan!

BLATHERWATCH’s Stupid Idea of an April Fool’s Day Joke: Dori Monson 1995-2012; Ron Reagan Starts Monday  [...]

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Richard Branson Announces “Race to The Center of the Earth”

“Sir Richard Branson to launch journeys to the center of the Earth through Virgin Volcanic” the website claims, in one of two teasingly-timed announcements ahead of this weekend. (Allvoices Global News) It appears to be an ongoing fight for supremacy between billionair[...]

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APRIL q1: Cuba Views Senator Jay Insley as Quixotic Hero in Republican Senate

from Granma, April 6, 2011 THE United States Senate voted April 6 against an amendment acknowledging global climate change and human responsibility for its development. The amendment was proposed by Democratic senator Henry Waxman, who asserted that the content of the document is recognized by the s[...]

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Apple Bans Ad About Korea From You Tube


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BREAKING NEWS: North Korean Launch 나는 손가락 Jointly With Apple

North Korea and Apple Corporation Jointly Announce Launch of iFinger .. a Rocket and New Input Tool for Apple Products! 나는 손가락 New satellite imagery shoes long-range rocket launch in North Korea despite international objections. TA sources have already noted that the former ICBM site is no[...]

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Consort of British Queen Claims He Owns Jerusalem

from Haaretz …..According to the Daily Telegraph, the WikiLeaks document says Prince Philip claims rights to the building based on his family connection to Sergei.Marriages among European royal stock were once common, and so it is not surprising to find that the only living descendent of the 1[...]

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CLICKME Texas Gov. Rick Perry does not stand behind a secession petition filed with the White House by a Lone Star State resident in the aftermath of the presidential election. More states join Texas with petitions seeking White House approval to ‘secede’ now come from 47 states Read more: http:[...]

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APPLE’s new iBracelet stores info about health, contacts

Apple has today announced release of its much rumored iBracelet.  Going even beyond Apple’s legendary sense of design, the iBracelet is much more than a fashion accessory!   Combining a gold bracelt with Apple’s new “Goldfinger” pointing device,  the iBracelet is the ultim[...]

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Boeing to Collaborate with Tesla and Lamborghini to Build Green Cars!

While the big rumor today is about Cupertino’s s new collaboration with North Korea, Boeing has its own news .. a new car![...]