What Mitt and His Ilk Do with $250,000,000

Qatar Purchases Cézanne’s The Card Players for More Than $250 Million, Highest Price Ever for a Work of Art

Mitt Purchases and Election for $100,000,000, Highest Price Ever Paid to Buy An Election.

The tiny, oil-rich nation joins a massively exclusive club: only five Card Players exist, and the other four are in world-class collections such as the Musée d’Orsay and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The purchase is just the latest bid in Qatar’s effort to become an international intellectual hub.

Our Republicans, when not espousing Christian exceptionalism or promoting nuclear wars, wave the banner of free enterprise. In their view, the incentives to wealth drive the very wealthy to invest in productivity … making us all richer!

So Qatar has made itself more productive by hosting horse races and buying a Cezanne.

The Koch brothers, for their part, are donating  $100,000,000 to political causes while here in Washington State, Microsoft wants us ALL to give more to support the UW … as long as we do not increase Microsoft’s taxes.



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