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Apple’s Secret

Kam Wing Chan, UW Professor      Department of Geography Apple, despite its innovative greatness, has a reputation for secrecy. “How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work” (The New York Times, January 22) puts some of its secrets, perhaps dirty ones, out in the open.  In addition to low costs ([...]

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Boeing’s other new plane.

airplanes A Passenger Airplane Basically Flew Upside Down Because of a Dumb Pilot (Updated) An All Nippon Airways passenger plane carrying 117 passengers on board experienced a little bit of a scare earlier this month. Why? Because a numb-brained pilot accidentally almost made a Boeing 737-700 fly b[...]

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Gallery Rage

What happens when too many people are herded through art museums? RAGE So what to do?  Art, after all, isn’t football. We can’t just raise the ticket prices till the hoi poloi and unentranced spend their money at the cinema because the museum is too expensive! There are alterenatives Im[...]

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A couple of days ago, I speculated that Mitt Romney might pay more in his Mormon Church tax, called “tithing,” than he does in tax to the US government. I was right!  MITT  TITHES MORE THAN HE PAYS IN TAXES!!! My estimates were right on, except that I grossly underestimated Mitt’[...]