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Know Thyselves: Human Genomes @ $1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Company announces low-cost DNA decoding machine NEW YORK (AP) – A biotechnology company announced it has developed a machine to decode an individual’s DNA in a day for $1,000, a long-sought price goal for making the genome useful for medical care. Life Technologies Corp. said Tuesday it [...]

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Analysis of New North Korean Leader

“Kim Jong-un is a pale reflection of his father and grandfather. He has not had the decades of grooming and securing of a power base that Jong-il enjoyed before assuming control from his father,” said Bruce Klingner, an Asia policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation in Washington. “[...]

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Jim McDermott’s Summer Reading

What Jim McDermott read last summer.[...]

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Europe’s View of the Repugnant Republicans

Republicans Bash Europe in Search of Votes Europe is socialist, bloated and a threat to the global economy. That appears to be the message from the ongoing presidential campaign in the US. Republicans in particular have discovered Europe as a convenient punching bag — and have even begun accus[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Ethiopia Dec inflation slows to 35.9 pct

  ADDIS ABBA Jan 10 (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s year-on-year rate of inflation fell for the fourth straight month in December to 35.9 percent from 39.2 percent a month earlier, official data showed on Tuesday. Consumer prices rose 1.7 percent month-on-month in December after falling 0.3 [...]

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If Britain ruled the seas, America may be emerging as the ruler of the cloud.

  Apparently a single juror held out for Microsoft’s side of the case. Novel’s lawsuit against Microsoft’s monopoly over the word processing market has ended in a hung jury. Novel says it will continue the suit. The big issue is not Microsoft’s tactics or Novell’s [...]

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Steve Jobs Returns?

A $99 posable figure Steve Jobs action figure appears to have elicited an immune response from the corpus of Apple.  The company, In Icons, has been nown to make other effigies, including the figures of Kim Jong Il apparently used by North Korea in some of the photographs taken after the Dear Leade[...]