Can North Korea Foster a New Apple?

Does North Korea already have its own Steve Jobs?

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As millions of North Koreans mourned over SKim Jong-Il’s’death, they also raised a question – could our new leader, with his great knowledge of technology, be Korea’s own  “Steve Jobs”?

Some in our neighbor  China think it will be so.  Dung Sha Ping raised the famous question when he was dying: “Why  can’t China foster outstanding people?” Nowadays when Jobs is also part of the history, many netizens start calling out “where is Chinese Steve Jobs?”.  The capitalist roader leader of China should look to former vice-president of Google global and president of Google China Kai-fu Lee,   President Lee (who has a Korean name!) explained on his weibo that  Chinese education puts too much emphasis on reciting and memorizing stuff instead of fostering critical thinking.  His words echo the Juche philosophy of our own great leaders.

North Korea is no China.  We have produced great  pioneers at every level, limited only by the threats from the Americans and their  puppets in the South.   Even with little resources we have launched satellites and built our own nuclear energy plant. A survey carried out by a famous website (original article didn’t provide the source) has founded that 63.3% of the Korean people believe there would be a figure like Steve Jobs if we did not have the threat from America.  This  survey of the people’s will is worth pondering upon.

The emerging story of the young Dear Successor is remarkably like that of Steve Jobs’ youth.  Both left school at an early age to pursue deeper education in Asia.  Even at a young age, some commented that Steve Jobs. like our dear Kim Jong Un, has astonishing ability to find out what should exist Like the first Kim, Kim Il-Sung, Steve Jobs was a revolutionary.  When Jobs came back in 1997 Apple  has already experienced corporate deficit of $18.6 billion two years in a roll. It was practically at the brink of bankruptcy. Jobs stepped in and started a series of revolutions like th brilliant strategies that led the US to surrender and Leader Kim Il Song to victory .

In the end of the day, the problem for the Korean people boils down to our faithfulness and ability to support the creative talent of our new leader.  .


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