News from North Korea: Miracle of the Fishes

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Supply of Fishes to Pyongyang Citizens Begins

Pyongyang, December 23 (KCNA) — The supply of fishes to Pyongyang citizens began Thursday at this sad time of national mourning.Leader Kim Jong Il worked heart and soul to supply the people with fresh fishes the year round while giving tireless field guidance to fisheries bases on the eastern and western areas, commercial service centers and related units during his lifetime.

Earlier this year he made sure that pollacks and herrings were supplied to the Pyongyang citizens. At sandfish season this November he instructed officials to swiftly catch sandfish and send them to the people.

On the evening of Dec. 16, just a day before his demise, he took a step for the fish supply.

Kim Jong Un, first chairman of the new Secretariat for New Juch Technology, made sure that special transport measures were taken and let officials in Pyongyang and local areas take charge of the supply in the field, saying the loving care of Kim Jong Il should reach the people as soon as possible even though it is a mourning period.

Officials and commercial service workers are now making sure that those fishes are supplied to every household in the city.

Salespersons and citizens burst out sobbing at fish shops in the capital city Friday.

Officials in all the factories and computer centers spread the word of their gratitude to General, Chariman and Dear Succesor Kim.  They pledged their loyalty to Kim Jong Un, saying the history of loving care for the people continues and no people on earth are blessed with leaders and generals as the Koreans.

The Dear Successor was chosen by the elder Kim for loving kindness as well as for an extraordinary level of brilliance and technology. gained during his training as a mathematician in Switzerland and brilliant research while doing his doctorate in physics.

In his capacity as Chairman of the Secreteriat of Juch Technology, Professor Kim  has announced that a new technology center will opened in his father’s memory immediately after the period of mourning.  The Successor said  his father’s last wishes were to build upon the the highest levels of technology the world enjoys.  Workers at the Kim Jong-Il Techology Center,  sung a song thanking the Dear Successor for continuing the care for the Korean People, even in the moment of his dear father’s death.

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    I find it rather horumous at the fact that these evil man lead Korea and didn’t care about the people. Yet when he died, there were many people mourning at his death. Surely with the conditions he had instated on the common people, they would have been overjoyed that their suffering may be over.North Korea believes everyone is their enemy, and it’s starting to become true. They want to act all big and big and they won’t shut their mouth about their nuclear supply, and they’re going to piss the wrong country off and it’s going to bit them in the butt.

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