SUNDAY REVELATIONS: What Will Orthodox ‘Republicanity’ Look Like?

  • excerpts from an essay by  Louis A. Ruprecht, posted at Religion Dispatches.
  • Ruprecht discusses how Gary Laderman of Religion Dispatches coining the term “Republicanity”,in  two  essays.
    In the first, he (Laderman) described the ways in which “Republicanity” now seems to operate as a religion, with its own myths, rituals, theologies, and ethics. In the second, he identified an important “teaching moment” that this discussion and debate have created.

    ……Strange as the comparison may seem, what we’re seeing today is highly reminiscent of the shifting landscape of the Christian world in the second and third centuries, and concerns a truism of Christian history: orthodoxy does not appear at the beginning of a movement, it’s the result of a long, and painful, and drawn-out argument that was, as often as not, a violent one. readmore at Religion Dispatches

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