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Sunday Revelations: Kill all the Jews

Muslim Brotherhood rally vows to ‘kill all Jews’ By OREN KESSLER   Jerusalem Post Organizers at Cairo’s iconic al-Azhar Mosque warn against “Judaization of Jerusalem.” A Muslim Brotherhood rally in Cairo on Friday at the Sunni world’s most prestigious center of lear[...]

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HUMOR: What I just found on eBAY! A Christmas Gift!

Wow … a horn from a classic boat! I LOVE Hatteras boats … did not know they used this kind of horn though!  Looks like this thing blow without electricity too![...]

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Cambridge Univ. Press.: Pay to read articles just like renting movies!

By Jennifer Howard Chronicle of Higher Education, November 30, 2011, read at permalink. Will researchers pay for short-term access to journal articles? Cambridge University Press is about to find out. The publisher has just announced a rental program for articles from the more than 280 peer-reviewed[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Could Russia be having an early “arab spring” of its own????????????

Putin’s party losing support in parliamentary vote from The HIndu Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s party struggled to hang onto its majority in Russia’s parliamentary election, results showed on Monday. Rival parties and election monitors said even a result of around 50 per cent was inflate[...]

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The Sexually Dimorphic, Politicially Incorrect Analysis of Campaigning

  Michele Bachmann’s Makeup Woes Continue At Book Signing  (The Huffington Post   Ellie Krupnick) We’ve written before about the GOP candidate’s issues with maquillage, the main one being that she wears too much of it. Now it’s easy to fall into the overly-shellacked t[...]

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Barbie Makeovers

by Paddy Johnson on June 30, 2011 Art Fag City· Klimt, Da Vinci, and Van Gogh Barbies Does high art suddenly have mass culture appeal? Even with the growing number of reality shows on the subject my guess would be no — most people I know outside the field aren’t exactly spending a lot of [&hell[...]

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Breaking News: Muhamud Ali rushed to hospital

Click image for full story.[...]

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China:Ai Weiwei supporters strip off as artist faces ‘porn’ investigation

Nude photographs posted in riposte to Chinese police interrogation of videographer for picture of Ai and women naked from the Guardian When artist Ai Weiwei disappeared, supporters made online appeals for his return. When authorities handed him a £1.5m tax bill, they sent money to help pay it. And [...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Despite all, the Deity’s Favorables Remain High

from the New York Magazine For whatever reason, the polling outfit PPP, which likes to do silly things from time to time, has a new poll out on voter approval of … God. Yes, the God. Let’s look at the results: PPP   Evaluating God [PPP][...]