How to fix higher education, on the cheap!

The debate about college here in WASTATE seems to center around "jobs" and the idea that we need universities to train people for the jobs that are there!

Ed Lascowza, a UW Prof,  bemoans the fact that we turn away two-thirds of the students qualified to become computer scientists.  TWO THIRDS!

For a lot of us, Ed misses the question.  Students may want Comp Sci or pre med, but that may not be where the jobs are. Worse, shouldn’t we be giving our BA and BS students the tools to adapt to the variety of opportunities they will have over life?  Personally, I suspect Ed’s students may have as much need to understand the civil war as they have to understand relational databases.

Now it looks as if Ed and I were both wrong.   Seems like the students have the answer!  Fuck hard stuff like comp sci and Shakespeare .. go for the gold … WALL STREET!

Why spend money expanding our engineering offerings or forcing students to learn to read Maya Angelou?  MBA programs are pretty damn cheap!  Seems to me all we need to do fix the economy is to leverage more banking jobs.



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