The Ugly Chinaman

This critique of the Chinese was banned in mainland China by Communist Party officials. This edition includes a selection of Bo Yang's speeches, writings and media interviews, as well as a sample of the reactions his comments have provoked.

president of china picking his nose.

what went wrong in china:

china culture: modesty and Harmony.

Modesty: sick man of asia: if 70%-80% are peasants living with the cows chicken and sheep. I would modest too. Not a single Nobel prize winners ever.

No science

No industry

No Congress, National assembly, National parliament

1911: baby-emperor PUYI
1949: red emperor chicken mao.
2008: Not a single election in 2000 years. nation of retards, idiots.

Harmony: famines in the 1950s and 1960s. Harmony has led to lots of good: massive famines, dictators, no progress in science, technology, law or elections.

china: backward, primative, nations of peasants working for $100 a month or $1200 a year.

china: such a backward, primative society, there is much to be modest about.

china: dumb cow think they are at the center of the world.

china: cowple, sheeeple, dumbple should be embarass, ashamed of themselves.

china: sick man of asia, century of humiliation. backward, primative,
famines in 1950s 1960s.

china. sick man of asia. true true true true   from the Blog “Truth on China”

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