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Japan: The French View of Japanese Heroism

from Le Monde Diplomatique Keeping calm and carrying on Like others in Sendai, he’s focusing on dealing with the damage nature has done, not the damage nuclear fission might do, though of course it’s a concern. The situation at Fukushima was almost immediately incorporated into the calm and orde[...]

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American Unexceptionalism

Two third of the Americans are unconvinced that US is the sole remaining superpower . The poll, released by Time magazine and the Aspen Institute also indicates that Americans, due to their sense of threat from overseas waning, want their leaders to focus more on challenges at home and less on matte[...]

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More than one-third of all entering college students need at least one remedial course, and the proportion is much higher at most community colleges. That means that college students may be more likely to take a remedial course than a class in most academic disciplines. But who teaches the courses? [...]