Pay Attention: VOTE FERG– USEN for AG.

I assume most readers of TA know that our current Attorney General, Rod McKenna (R) has joined the Tea Party.  McKenna is running for Governor in 2012,and of course is joining with other Reprican office holders to obstruct or dstruct the health care bill.  This lawsuit, not approved by any other agency of Washington’s government, is an obscene misuse of my tax dollars to promote McKenna’s credentials amongst the radical right.

Where do the candidates to replace McKenna stand?  The 2012 general election match-up for AG is likely to be between King County Council members Reagan Dunn (R) and Bob Ferguson (D).

Ferguson’s unambiguous statement:

“I have been clear that on my first day in office, I will withdraw Washington State from that lawsuit. Instead, the Attorney General should focus on protecting Washington consumers, our environment and ensuring public safety.”

Dunn’s position:

Dunn says he supports McKenna’s most controversial decision – to join the national lawsuit filed by Republican governors and attorneys general in 26 states against the Obama Administration’s health care reform initiative. And just in case that one hasn’t been resolved by 2014, Dunn says he’ll keep right on pressing the case.


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